Last Sunday I finished 8th in the Philadelphia half marathon race with the time of 1.04.23. The elite race was very high level, but the final results were not very strong due to the high humidity and warm weather temperature. My first 10K split time was 29.48. Until that I was running with the leaders. Unfortunately I had to slow down a bit because of the stomach problems. The course itself was fast and very promising. This time most of the elite’s ran 1-1.5 minutes slower than their goals were. In the big picture it played a big role for my Doha World Championships preparations.


The trip itself was an adventure itself, I don’t have much experience with the US east coast. The big city life occupied all of my senses. Cities in Colorado are so much more peaceful.  I am going to continue my trainings in Colorado up to the Doha marathon which will be held on the 5th of October.

Results are HERE.