In terms of Athletics Performances, my 2019 Season was a great one!


Hannover 2019 Foto: Norbert-Wilhelmi


In april I ran Hannover Marathon a new personal record and an Estonian all time second result 2:13.40.


Doha 2019 Foto: Tairo Lutter / Postimees


At the IAAF Athletics World Marathon in Doha, I reached 26th place in the 73-man competition.


European Team Championships in Croatia (5000m, 2nd league) Foto: Marko Mumm


Second place points were brought from Croatia in the 5000 m European Team Championship in Varaždin (2nd league).


10 000 m Estonian National Championships in Rakvere  Foto: EKJL


In addition, I became Estonian Champion in the 5000m, 10,000m and half marathon distances.

Other important sports-related events of the year:
1. Organizing a training series called “The Secret of Maximum Performance”.
2. Cheering for coach Mark Misch cross country Team in Sacramento, (NCAA Division 2).
3. Leading the third season of the “Estonian House in Kenya”.


“Maksimaalse tulemuse saladus” Foto: Mati Hiis


“Eesti Maja Keenias” season 3.


UCCS Cross Country Team in NCAA Division II Championships in Sacramento 2019


The year of 2019 was a great step towards to Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


Thank you all who have been supporting me trough out this adventure!

Here I bring out some names and sponsors:

Coach Mark Misch

Coach and manager Harry Lemberg

Manager Charles Paanakker

Spiritual mentor Brad Bartz

Masseur Peeter Nigol

Sports doctors Agnes Mägi,  Nadezhda Ignatjeva ja Mihkel Mardna

Wife Maili (children)