The Unknown Estonian Top Runner

Üle maade ja merede, mägede ja orgude, tuhandete kilomeetrite kaugusel on üks mees, kes unistab. Ta unistab olümpiamängudest, soovib seal võistelda, esindada riiki, mille rahvaga on tal veresugulus. See rahvas aga ei tunne teda. Ta on tundmatu jooksja. Vähemasti eestlaste jaoks.
Ajastu karmid tuuled puhusid tema esiisad kaugele – sinna, kus ta sündis. Kanadasse.
Tema nimi on Karl Robertson ning ta esindab esmakordselt Eesti koondist krossijooksu Euroopa meistrivõistlustel aastal 2014.
Kes ta on, millest ta mõtleb ja millega ta tegeleb?
Far, far away, across many countries and seas, mountains and valleys and thousands of kilometres, there lives a man who dreams. He dreams about the Olympic Games, wishing to compete there and represent a nation to which he is related through his blood. However, the nation does not know him. He is an unknown runner. At least to Estonians.
The harsh winds of the previous times blew his forefathers far away to where he was born. To Canada.
His name is Karl Robertson and he is representing the Estonian team for the first time at the European Championship in cross-country running in 2014.
Who is he, what is he thinking about and what does he do?
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